Top Biryani in UAE

We never can't have enough of biryani and there are lot of Biryani places for authentic Biryani in UAE, so here goes:


Pak Liyari, Dubai

King of Biryani in UAE, I would say. Their biryani is full of masala, awesome in taste. In meat, they have two variations: Chicken and Mutton. There are also two options for Masala: Normal and Double Masala. Normal is their standard biryani while Double Masala is for Masala / Spicy lovers. Double biryani comes at an extra cost of AED 2. They have five outlets in Dubai but the most popular one is in Dubai's Naif area. Biryani cost is AED 14 and it is a must try!

Mutton Biryani in Pak Liyari

B4 Biryani, Ajman

This restaurant is in Ajman and the biryani here is very good. They give very good serving for good price, which is AED 12, do try this if you are in Ajman or passing by.

B4 Biryani in action


Kulcha King

Although they are well known for their kulchas but their biryani also deserves to be tried. They have a lot of biryani selections: classic tandoor, tikka, malai, chargrilled chicken options as well as the interesting mushroom and lamb variations. The biryani here is for AED 37.

Kulcha King Biryani


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